Technology for Polarization Measurement

Mueller Polarimeters and Polarimeter Accessories

Hinds Instruments Mueller Polarimeters:

Research Grade Mueller Matrix Polarimeters. Used for measuring the complete Mueller matrix of a sample at the lowest most sensitive levels available.

Optical Anisotropy Factor Measurement System. This R&D 100 Award winning system measures changes in the polarization state of light that is reflected off the individual layers of a TRISO fuel particle.

Research Grade Mueller Matrix Polarimeters – Study Polarization properties of optics with the Hinds Instruments PEM solution to generate the full Mueller Matrix for your sample.

150XT Mueller Matrix Polarimeter Press Release

150 XT Mueller Polarimeter Product Bulletin

Optical Anisotropy Factor Measurement System This ellipsometer is a significant breakthrough; it is faster, more accurate and collects considerably more data than previous optical anisotropy measurement techniques.

2-MGEM OPTAF System Product Bulletin


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