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We work with you to find the right system for your applications.

Hinds Instruments offers scientific support services in the form of consultation arrangements, measurement services, and custom instrument design. Our staff of scientists and engineers has extensive expertise in applying polarization metrology science to real world requirements. We are committed to understanding and solving our customers’ optical measurement needs.

We will work with your schedule and budget to meet the requirements of your project. This can include in house measurement services and application consultation by our experienced staff.

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Exicor Gen9 with Engineers

Sample Report MicroImager

Sample measurements ensure you receive the relevant data you require for your processes.

Prospective purchasers of Hinds Instruments System products are often interested in seeing an example of a typical data scan of their particular sample as generated by a Hinds measurement system. For qualified customers, we will typically measure a sample and provide a sample measurement report at no cost to demonstrate the capability of a particular instrument model and its relevance to the customer’s application.

Contact us for more information about Measurement Service Options and to see how Hinds Instruments works with our customers to solve complex metrology problems.

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Working together, we can discuss the suitability of our technology for your application, including a custom configuration of our base systems if needed.

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