Technology for Polarization Measurement

Extreme Environments

Certain Component and Solution System products available from Hinds Instruments have been adapted for use in extreme environments, including the following:

» High magnetic fields used in Tokamaks, spintonics labs, and others

» High vacuum experiments - up to 10-9

» Space environments, involving vibration as well as both low temperature and vacuum. Space readiness TRL-5, which includes vibration testing randomly to 15 Gs in each of three axes, is available for qualified customers.

We also offer custom Solution Systems for specific extreme environment applications, including:

» Birefringence measurement in high ambient temperature and/or constrained access production environments

» Real-time chiral activity process monitors in high temperature, high pressure industrial environments

For more information on Hinds products appropriate for use in Extreme Environments, please select from the list below.   


Photoelastic Modulators
Lock-in Amplifiers
High Speed Optical Choppers
Delay Pulse Generators
Photo Detectors
Signal Conditioning


Birefringence Measurement Systems


JPL and Hinds Instruments: Celebrating Nearly Two Decades of Collaborative Design to Put PEMs in Space Under NASA Projects

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