Technology for Polarization Measurement

Original Equipment Manufacturers - OEMs

The capability of many third party instrumentation manufacturers’ systems depends on high sensitivity, repeatable polarization measurements. Hinds Instruments has provided thousands of Component and System modules to third party instrumentation manufacturers, or OEMs, for integration into their systems. A variety of OEM-specific features are available including size- and weight-reduced versions, proprietary mounts and optical coatings, customized data-transfer, and high speed capability.

Component products available in OEM packages include photoelastic modulator optical modules as well as supporting Hinds components for signal recovery, capture, conditioning and timing coordination.

Solution System products available in OEM packages include birefringence measurement modules. These can be rail-mounted and are often supplied with customized DLL software.

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Photoelastic Modulators

Lock-in Amplifiers

High Speed Optical Choppers

Photo Detectors

Signal Conditioning


Birefringence Measurement Systems

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