Technology for Polarization Measurement

The Exicor® family of birefringence measurement systems includes a number of critical accessory products to support the utility and increase the measurement capabilities of our Birefringence Measurement metrology line. Several of these accessories are listed below. We also specialize in providing custom accessories required to perform your measurements.

Sample Holders and Stages


  • Max View Stages - A wire grid support structure (patented) for looking at thin samples such as LCD Glass and Plastic films. This design offers support to thin samples while minimizing obstructions.

  • Tilt stages - Manual and automated versions are available for evaluating vertical birefringence and Rth in samples.

  • Rotation Stages - Manual and automated versions are available for positioning sample optical axis relative to the measurement gage.

  • Variable Diameter Part Holders

  • Custom Part and Multiple Part Holders

  • Replacement Reference Samples

    Characterized samples for monitoring and evaluating Exicor® system performance - for current Exicor® customers only.

    •  <1 nm Sample
    • 15 nm Sample
    • 100 nm Sample
    • Custom retarders available

    Reference Samples are also available in sets

    The Exicor Software


  • DLLs - We offer Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) for seamlessly integrating Exicor systems into your software program.  Feature and function call documentation gives your programmer control of the core functions of Exicor.  (Program development support is also available)

  • Hinds Scan in Motion™ (SIM) - High speed Data Collection Software is available for new systems and can be upgraded into existing systems

  • Custom Functions and Features - We also offer custom HMI Software options.  This includes process support, custom views and reports, statistical analysis with our engineers working with you to understand and optimize birefringence measurements to needs within the actual application environment.

  • Special Optical Configurations and Wavelengths


  • Light sources (Laser, Lamp, LED)

  • Custom Wavelength Calibrations

  • Curved Surface Parts


  • System adapter/compensation optics

  • Index matching fluid tubs
  • Contact us for more information about what is possible and to see how Hinds Instruments works with our customers to provide unsurpassed polarization metrology solutions.