Technology for Polarization Measurement

Our Pledge to our Customers:

We will quote delivery dates and product specifications based on documented performance, and will then strive to exceed your expectations by delivering superior performance.

We will make best efforts to design and independently test our products so you can be confident they are safe to use and will operate reliably far beyond the warranty period.

We will calibrate, before shipment, the product you have ordered with more than one method whenever possible, since independent standards (e.g. NIST certifications) have not been established for the parameters and at the sensitivity levels at which our instrumentation typically performs.

We will ship only new products, unless you request otherwise.

We will remain accessible to you and will communicate clearly, accurately and – to the best of our ability – promptly.

We will make after sale support a top priority.

We will not mis-use our relationships with our customers.

We will select dealers based on their ability to provide superior customer service both before and after the sale, and will invest regularly to keep their training up to date.

We will continue to invest in our technology so we can remain a robust, relevant partner to support you in the future, whether with your existing purchase or with new solutions.

We will remain focused on your success and will treat each of our team members with respect so we can remain focused on serving you to the best of our ability.