Technology for Polarization Measurement

9The following is a brief listing of papers written by our end users between 1971-1975.  If you would like to have your paper included in our library, please contact Hinds Instruments.

Magneto-optic spectra and the dielectric tensor elements of bismuth-substituted iron garnets at photon energies between 2.2-5.2 eV, S. Wittekoek, T. J. A. Popma, J. M. Robertson, and P. F. Bongers, Phys. Rev. B, vol. 12 (7) (1975) (2777-2788)

Measurement of circular dichroism at millisecond time resolution: a stopped-flow circular dichroism system, M Anson and P M Bayley, J. Phys. E: Sci. Instrum., 7 (481) (1974)

A spectrometer for the measurement of magnetic and natural circular dichroism, J. C. Sutherland, L. E. Vickery, and M. P. Klein, Rev. Sci. Instrum., vol. 45 (9) (1974)

A high resolution spectrometer for the measurement of magnetically induced circular emission, R. A. Shatwell and A. J. McCaffery, J. Phys. E: Sci. Instrum., vol. 7 (4) (1974)

Recording polarization of fluorescence spectrometer. Unique application of piezoelectric birefringence modulation, John E. Wampler and Richard J. DeSa, Anal. Chem., vol. 46 (4) (1974) (563–567)

A new polarization-modulated light scattering instrument, Arlon J. Hunt and Donald R. Huffman, Rev. Sci. Instrum., vol. 44 (12) (1973)

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