Technology for Polarization Measurement

The following is a brief listing of papers written by our end users between 1991-1995.  If you would like to have your paper included in our library, please contact Hinds Instruments.

Observation and analysis of epitaxial growth with reflectance-difference spectroscopy, D. E. Aspnes, Mater. Sci. Eng. B, vol. 30 (1995)

Construction of an optical rotator using quarter-wave plates and an optical retarder, Chun Ye, Opt. Eng., vol. 34 (10) (1995)

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National laboratory provides laser resource in cytometry, L. A. Sklar, T. Buican, J. Steincamp, B. Marrone,, Laser Focus World, vol. 27 (8) (1991)

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