Technology for Polarization Measurement

The following is a brief listing of papers written by our end users between 2011-2018.  If you would like to have your paper included in our library, please contact Hinds Instruments.

Steady viscoelastic flow around high-aspect-ration, low-blockage-ration microfluidic cylinders, Simon J. Haward, Kazumi Toda-Peters, Amy Q. Shen, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Vol 254, 2018, 23-35

Relaxation time of dilute polymer solutions: A microfluidic approach, Francesco Del Giudice, Simon J. Haward, and Amy Q. Shen, Journal of Rheology 61, 327 (2017)

Turning up the heat on wormlike micelles with a hydrotopic salt in microfluidics, Joshua J. Cardiel, Ya Zhao, Pablo De La Iglesia, Lilo D. Pozzo, Amy Q. Shen, Soft Matter, Issue 46, 2017

Birefringence and piezo-Raman analysis of single crystal CVD diamond and effects on Raman laser performance, Hadiya Jasbeer, Robert J. Williams, Ondrej Kitzler, Aaron McKay, Soumya Sarang, Jipeng Lin, and Richard P. Mildren, OSA Publishing, JOSA B, Vol. 33, Issue 3, Page B56 (2016)

Birefringence and piezo-Raman analysis of single crystal CVD diamond and effects on Raman laser performance, H. Jasbeer, R.J. Williams, O. Kitzler, A. McKay, S. Sarang, J. Lin and R.P. Mildren, J. Opt. Soc. Amer. B, vol. 33, (2016) (B56-64)

Elastic instabilities in planar elongational flow of monodisperse polymer solutions, Simon J. Haward, Gareth H. McKinley & Amy Q. Shen, Scientific Reports, 6: 33029, 2016.

Formation and flow behavior of micellar membranes in a T-shaped microchannel, Joshua J. Cardiel, Daisuke Takagi, Hsieh-Fu Tsai and Amy Q. Shen, Soft Matter, Issue 39, 2016

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J. J. Cardiel, Y. Zhao, P. de la Iglesia, L. D. Pozzo and A. Q. Shen, Soft Matter, 2014, DOI: 10.1039/C4SM01920B.

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