Technology for Polarization Measurement

Oblique Incident Angle Birefringence Measurement System

The Hinds™ Instruments Exicor® OIA is the Premier Birefringence Measurement System for the evaluation of Lenses, Parallel Faced Optics and Curved Optics at normal and oblique incident angles. The system is built on Hinds Instruments award winning Photoelastic Modulator (PEM) based Exicor Birefringence Measurement technology. This next generation birefringence measurement system is providing the industry with new capabilities in the analysis and development of next generation lithographic lenses, lens blank and high value precious optics.

The system utilizes PEMs to modulate the polarization state of a light beam and advanced detection and demodulation electronics to measure how an optic has changed the polarization state. This results in the measurement of optical retardation of one polarization state relative to another at 90°. Birefringence and Fast Axis orientation, as well as theoretical residual stress, can be evaluated with this data.

Hinds Instruments and the Exicor Oblique Incident Angle Technology has been selected to evaluate optical birefringence in research and production by the world leaders in lithographic lens blanks and finished lenses. Our systems are surpassed by none!


VIS Retardation measurement range: 0 to 300+nm
DUV Retardation measurement range: 0 to 90+nm
VIS Retardation Resolution / Repeatability: 0.001nm / ±0.03 (up to 3nm, 1% thereafter)
DUV Retardation Resolution / Repeatability: 0.001nm / ± 0.08 nm (up to 4nm, 2% thereafter)
Retardation Accuracy: Better than ±0.2nm expected
Angular Resolution / Repeatability: 0.01° / <±0.5°
VIS Light Source Wavelength: 632.8nm
DUV Light Source Wavelength: 193nm
Modulation Technique/Frequency: PEMLabsTM Photoelastic Modulator / 50/60 kHz
Demodulation Analysis Technique: Hinds Instruments SignalocTM Lock-in Amplifier


Standard Features:

- Exicor OIA Software
- Automatic scan of Parallel flats and Spherical lens types
- Asphere can be scanned with Manual macro program
- 2D Maps of retardation and fast Axis orientation
- Scan Statistics
- Stage Forward Load Position (free access to samples stage from above)
- UV and Laser Light Enclosure with safety Interlocks
- Emergency OFF shut down buttons
- System Status Light Tower
- User Work Station with Computer and Monitor


Contact us for more information about the Exicor® OIA and to see how Hinds Instruments works with our customers to solve complex metrology problems.