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EKKOTM CD MicroPlate Reader

High Throughput Screening for Chirality

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Hinds Instruments now facilitates high throughput screening for enantiomerically enriched compounds with the new CD MicroPlate Reader.

The EKKOTM CD MicroPlate Reader uses a vertical light path to measure circular dichroism directly from standard wellplates. This eliminates the need to transfer solutions to a cuvette for screening, as well as the need to clean the cuvette between analyses. With no transfers, no cleaning, and no purging, you get better data in less time. The EKKOTM CD MicroPlate Reader truly delivers on the promise of high-throughput screening for Chirality.


Standard Features:

- High throughput screening for asymmetric synthesis and catalysis.

- 96 full spectra in less than 2 hours.

- Faster and less expensive than HPLC methods.

- Faster than conventional CD methods designed for single sample analysis.

- Less cumbersome than conventional CD with auto-sampling attachments.

- Find enantiomerically enriched compounds.

- Enantiomeric Excess values read directly from well plate.

- Enables reading thousands of enantiomeric excess values per hour.

- Includes PC and monitor with CD MicroPlate Reader Software.

- Smaller footprint than a conventional CD spectrometer with an automatic sampling attachment: 20” x 23” x 28” (50cm x 60cm x 70cm)


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High Throughput Screening

Detection Mode Circular Dichroism and Absorbance
 Measurement Mode Single Wavelength
 Microplate Format 96 well plates
(384 optional)
 Reading Time < 2 mins (96 wells, single wavelength)
< 1 hour (96 wells, full spectral range)
 Minimum Volume per well 45 µl (96 well plate format)

CD Specification

Wavelength Range 185 - 880 nm
 Monochromator Dual Gratings
 Wavelength Accuracy +/- 0.1 nm
 Stray Light 5 ppm (200nm)
 rms Noise +/- 0.08 mdeg (200nm, 8 s integration time)
+/- 0.02 mdeg (500nm, 8 s integration time)
 CD Range +/- 1000 mdeg
 Bandwidth 2 nm
 Absorbance Precision 0.01 AU
 Light Source Lifetime > 9000 h typical
 N2 Purge1 0.5 l/min
Temperature Room Temperature

1Connection to an N2 generator or cylinder is required at all times.


High-throughput determination of enantiopurity by microplate circular dichroism, Samantha L. Pilicer, Justin M. Dragna, Adam Garland, Christopher J. Welch,, J. Org. Chem. (2020)

Circular Dichroism

CD MicroPlate Reader Press Release

R&D disclosure at Chirality 2016

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