Technology for Polarization Measurement

Ellipsometry Solutions


Photoelastic Modulators are frequently employed in ellipsometry applications and used in either the polarization state generation arm, the polarization state analyzing arm, or both, depending on the specific Mueller Matrix elements that need to be identified. An ellipsometer that uses two PEMs is capable of measuring all 16 Mueller Matrix elements, including the 4 anisotropic measurements. PEMs can be used at DUV, visible, and NIR wavelengths.
The correct selection of detectors, polarizers, PEM options, and demodulators is critical to detecting the small levels of ellipsometric polarization change that can occur. Hinds Instruments can help you assemble the necessary equipment that will optimize your results.

Ellipsometric Solution Packages can include:
• One or Two PEMs
• Photodiode or PMT Detector
• Laser or other light source
• Lock-in Amplifier or Waveform capture card demodulation
• Polarizers
• Anti-reflection coatings

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