Technology for Polarization Measurement

PolSNAPTM Stokes Polarimeters


Please see Hinds' Research Grade Stokes Polarimeter page for more information on research grade Polarimeter solutions.



• Free Space and Fiber Polarimetry
• Degree of Polarization and State of Polarization Measurements
• Optical Component Alignment
• Fiber Optic Polarization Measurements
• Laser Polarization State


• Internal optical system, drive electronics and detection electronics.
• No additional consoles or electronics.
• Small size - fits in your hand
• Connected via USB
• Fast measurement speed: 4 Stokes vectors per second (2000 samples per second).
• Easy-to-use software - for use with Windows 7 or Windows 10 systems.
• Mounting options:

    → 30 mm cage mount
    → 2x M4 / ¼-20 post mount



Wavelength 450 - 700 nm 800 - 1600 nm
Input Light Intensity 200nW - 2mW 400nW - 5mW
Communication USB, Serial SCPI
Data Rate 4 Stokes vectors per second
Sample Rate 2000 samples per second
Accuracy approx. 1%
Repeatability 0.06% DOP
Aperture Size 10 mm
Dimension 79 mm x 79 mm x 49 mm


PolSnap Software

Figure 1. PolSNAPTM Software


Polarimetry Applications
Stokes Polarimetry Techniques

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