Although this term has come to mean “optical rotation measurement” in large parts of the scientific community, here we invoke a broader definition.  Polarimetry is the measurement of all polarization properties of a light beam (Stokes polarimetry) or a material interacting with a light beam (Mueller polarimetry).

The measurement of polarization properties has been Hinds Instruments’ specialty for over 40 years.  Our scientists and engineers have worked with all kinds of polarimeters:

1. Stokes Polarimeters: Polarimeters that measure Stokes vectors of light sources.  The state of polarization and degree of polarization can be determined for many light sources including those emerging from fiber optics.

2. Mueller Matrix Polarimeters: Polarimeters that measure the polarizing aspects of materials.  Systems are designed to measure subsets of the full Mueller matrix, such as linear birefringence and optical rotation, but our most recently introduced product does much more.   Hinds Instruments introduced a 4-PEM Mueller matrix polarimeter system that measures all 16 elements of the Mueller matrix, fully characterizing the polarization parameters of any transparent sample.

We make and sell complete polarimeter instruments as well as research grade components from which you can design your own polarimeter.





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