Birefringence In Flat Panel Display (FPD) Glass

Flat panel displays are especially sensitive to residual stress from the manufacture of the glass used to produce them. Not only is it a source of mechanical weakness, stress in optical materials often manifests itself as a polarization-dependent optical property, such as linear birefringence. Birefringence caused by residual stress can degrade the quality of the image formed in the display.

Hinds Instruments offers specialized systems for holding and loading large sheets of glass and measuring their stress birefringence. Hinds Exicor® Birefringence Measurement Systems for Gen 4, 5 and 6 size glass sheets are uniquely suited to the flat panel display industry. A patented tilt frame loading system allows for easy transfer of the glass sheets from the manufacturing line to the measurement system which allows for the highest quality in glass manufacture.

For more details about the Exicor GEN Systems for measurement of stress birefringence in FPD glass, please see our birefringence white paper and GEN systems videos.


GEN Series Birefringence Measurement Systems

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