Technology for Polarization Measurement

GEN Series Birefringence Measurement System

The Exicor® GEN5 and GEN6 systems are large format sample measurement units built on the core Exicor low level birefringence measurement technology and precision automated motion control elements.  These platforms provide unsurpassed low level birefringence measurements to support the precision characterization of display related materials for the LCD industry (Generation 5+ compensation films and glass substrates, etc.)  The systems are backward compatible with earlier generation models.  The system designs are scalable to larger materials and can easily be adapted to other non-display material applications such as low tech sheeting materials and commercial window glass. With a scanable area of 1150 mm x 1375 mm, the GEN5 system uses a patented high tension wire grid stage to maximize the measurable area on the sample while minimizing the sample sag and flexure.  With the optional high speed Scan In Motion™ (SIM) option, the system can characterize a sample in a fraction of the time a normal scanning would take (as little as 12 minutes, estimated).

Thickness Warpage Option GEN screen full system with TW option

Thickness and Warpage Option


  • Exicor NEXUS Program
  • Hinds Scan in MotionTM (High Speed Scanning)
  • Thickness and Warpage Measurements
  • Larger Stage Measurement Areas (Scalable beyond GEN 5) and custom stage designs
  • Custom wavelengths (VIS, NIR)
  • Custom Software (UI or DLL)
  • Stress Estimation Calculation (PSI)


Retardation Range: 0.005 to 300 nm
Retardation Resolution / Repeatability1, 2: 0.001 nm / ± 0.008 nm
Angular Resolution / Repeatability1: 0.01º / ± 0.05º
Measurement Rate / Time3: up to 100 pps / sample size dependent
Size (Foot print): fits in a 2.2 m x 2.5 m work area TBD
Measurement area (mm): 1150 x 1350 1550 x 1850 2500 x 3000
Light Source Wavelength4: 632.8 nm (HeNe Laser)
Measurement Spot Diameter5: ~1 mm native  (down to 100 µm)
Modulation Technique / Frequency: Hinds Instruments PEMLabsTM Photoelastic Modulator / 50 kHz
Demodulation Analysis Technique: Hinds Instruments SignalocTM Lock-in Amplifier
Measurement Units: nm (retardation), º (angle)

1 Typical performance at 5 nm retardation

2 Up to 1 nm, 1% thereafter.

3 Maximum data collection speed with options.  Sample XY scan time dependent on stage movement parameters.

4 Custom wavelengths available

5 Spot sizes of less that 1mm native require optional high resolution detector module

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