Discrete Optic Curved Surfaces

Birefringence measurement of optics with a curved surface or surfaces offers a valuable technique for studying the quality and performance of common optical elements widely used in industry, commercial goods, high end lithography and optical research.  Curved optical surfaces invariably act as lenses to the light passing through them and disrupt the ability to study them with standard collimated light methods.

Hinds Instruments has developed a variety of techniques for the Exicor® Birefringence Measurement Systems that allow us to compensate for much of this behavior through process aids, adaptive optics and automation.  Contact us for additional information on how our systems can be adapted to evaluate your curved optics.


Quality control and performance study for optical materials: industrial plastics lenses, cell phone display covers, lithography lenses, photographic camera lenses.


Exicor® Birefringence Measurement Systems
Exicor® Oblique Incident Angle (OIA) Birefringence Measurement System

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