Polarization Properties of Crystals

Low symmetry crystals of both organic and inorganic origin have become of interest recently for applications in laser optics and as magnetic materials. Although they were often characterized using ellipsometry in the past, the recent development of Mueller Matrix polarimeters offers a more complete characterization of the polarization properties. Both the two and four PEM versions of the Mueller Matrix polarimeter from Hinds allow the researcher to study linear and circular birefringence and linear and circular dichroism as well as depolarizing properties. Further, it allows the user to see a low level of one parameter in the presence of another. For example, one might evaluate the linear dichroism in the presence of a large optical rotation. While the ellipsometric parameters, ψ and Δ, provided a rough measure of material properties in the past, this newer method provides information that was lost by the older methods in which only two parameters were determined.


150XT Mueller Matrix Polarimeter


Hinds Instruments and NYU Develop 4-PEM Mueller Matrix Polarimeter

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