Technology for Polarization Measurement


NEW! Intuitive interpretation of Mueller matrices of transmission, J Freudenthal, January 18, 2018

Hinds Instruments introduces the latest and most advanced Mueller Matrix Polarimeter System for challenging research and industrial process applications requiring ultra high sensitivity and repeatability in distinguishing specific, low level Mueller Matrix elements. The new Exicor®XT series 4 PEM Mueller Polarimeter system, developed by our Applications Research Group in a joint project with the Kahr group of NYU, has delivered best-in-class solutions to leading customers in Optics research, Crystals research, Flat Panel Display and Optical Lithography Applications. These include applications requiring the measurement of:

√  All 16 Mueller matrix elements

√  Low-level linear and circular retardation, with minimal interaction between them

√  All 6 polarization parameters (linear retardation – magnitude and angle; circular retardation – magnitude; linear diattenuation – magnitude and angle; and circular diattenuation – magnitude) of DUV light, with minimal interaction between them.

√ Linear and circular retardation, where there is significant interaction between them.

150XT Sample 1

150XT Sample 2

Left: achromatic retardation film sample; Right: c cut quartz sample 4x6


  • Simultaneous measurements of all 16 Mueller matrix elements
  • Determination of all polarization parameters and estimation for depolarization
  • Highest available sensitivity
  • Laboratory grade repeatability
  • Customization for polarization properties of interest available on request
  • Minimal wavelength restrictions (DUV to IR)
  • Normal incident and oblique incident angle capability
  • Floor mount or bench top design, with flexible stages for adding custom part holders
  • Measurement cycle times appropriate for production processes
  • Software packages with extensive data analysis features

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