Hinds Instruments Announces Next-Generation Photodiode Detector Family

Hillsboro, Oregon, September 8, 2010 – Hinds Instruments announces the release of a new generation photodiode detector family, the DET-200 series. Used in labs worldwide, Hinds’ detection systems are specifically designed for use with optical signals from DC to 1MHz over a spectral range of 200 to 1600 nm. 

DET-200 technology represents a significant improvement in performance compared to the previous generation DET-100 detectors. DET-200 series detectors offer adjustable gain while maintaining a constant offset of 5mV or less throughout all gain settings. This is a significant benefit in many applications. In addition, the size has been reduced by over half to 2” x  2” x 1” (50mm x 50mm x 25mm). The DET-200 will drive a hi Z load from 0-10V and a 50Ω load from 0-5V.

The DET-200 comes standard with a 15V power supply. Optional standoffs for mounting precision polarizers are available. 

U.S. prices start at U.S. $349.00.

Hinds Instruments, Inc. develops and manufactures photoelastic modulator-based systems and components that utilize the high sensitivity of PEM polarization analysis technology. This capability has become integral to a wide variety of applications involving measurement of such parameters as birefringence, Stokes polarimetry, dichroism, optical rotation and others in research, metrology and on-line environments. Founded in 1971 and located in  Hillsboro, Oregon, Hinds has grown to become the world’s leading supplier of photoelastic modulators (PEMs) and systems. Hinds strives to provide advanced polarization modulation analysis technology, delivering solutions to customers that meet or exceed their real-world requirements.