New Research Grade, High Value Lock-in Amplifier for PEM Applications

The Signaloc™ 2100 Lock-In Amplifier is an AC and DC signal recovery instrument including the proprietary Hinds Instruments Lock-In Amplifier module and control display software.  It is optimized for use with Hinds Photoelastic Modulators (PEMs).

Users may now modulate signals with the Hinds PEM and demodulate with another Hinds product that has been optimized for this use.  With the sensitivity and precision of a much more expensive Lock-in amplifier the Signaloc 2100 provides an inexpensive solution for high grade signal demodulation. 

Information from the Signaloc 2100 is sent to a computer via RS-232 where it is displayed on a computer monitor. The user can control various settings of the Lock- in Amplifier using the software program. The instrument measures and displays the AC magnitude of the signal in Volts RMS, the DC magnitude of the signal in Volts, and the frequency of the reference signal in Hertz.

The Signaloc 2100 Lock-In Amplifier includes the Hinds proprietary Lock-In Amplifier module, 24V DC power supply, control display software, user manual, and Signal Out/DC In BNC cable.