Technology for Polarization Measurement

PEM-100 Controller

The PEM-100 Controller performs many functions in the photoelastic modulator system. Its primary function is to control the peak retardation of the photoelastic modulator optical head.

It does this by providing a DC voltage signal to the electronic head which determines the transducer vibration amplitude and thus the strain amplitude in the optical element. A current feedback loop from the electronic head enables the controller to maintain stable peak retardation levels.

The PEM-100 Controller has many distinct advantages over its predecessor, the PEM-90 Controller:

  • ♦ Updated user interfaces that allow for easier entry of retardation and wavelength values
  • ♦ Storage of frequently used settings
  • ♦ Optional Computer control via proprietary software
  • ♦ LabView driver for integration into custom user instrument configurations


  • ♦ Rack Mount, handles only (RMH)
  • ♦ Rack Mount Extension Kit, with handles (RMO)
  • ♦ USB Adapter (USB)
  • ♦ RS232C to IEEE-488 Converter – National Instruments (GPIB-NI)
  • ♦ Special Length Controller-to-Head Cable (SLCH)