Technology for Polarization Measurement

Measurement Applications

At Hinds Instruments we specialize in working with our customers to solve complex and demanding metrology challenges. For over 40 years, our core technology (the Photoelastic Modulator) has been the foundation of measurement solutions in applications ranging from astronomy to spintronics to glass and crystal characterization. Our expanded product offerings and knowledge base make Hinds Instruments an invaluable solutions partner.

The following lists include applications where our components and systems are widely used to solve complex and demanding optical polarization measurement challenges.

Select your Application area:

Astronomical Source Measurement

Biological Structures

Evaluation of New Magnetic Materials

Fiber / Laser / Crystal / Optical Metrology

Extinction Ratio, Polarization Extinction Ratio, SOP/DOP, Waveplate Measurement, Polarization Properties of Crystals

Liquid Crystals Display

Optical Lithography

Lens and Lens Blank Characterization, Discrete Optic Curved Surfaces, Level Sense and Alignment in Steppers and Scanners, Photomask Evaluation, Stress in Silicon

Pharmaceuticals – Drug Development

VCD of Enantiomeric Drug Molecules


Polymer Birefringence

Stress in Plastics, Plastic Container QC, Kerr Constant

Remote Sensing

Solar Panel Birefringence

Thin Films

Tokamak Plasma Diagnostics

TRISO Nuclear Fuel Evaluation

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