Technology for Polarization Measurement

PEM-200 Controller

The PEM-200 Controller is the new “all in one” controller for our photoelastic modulators. Its primary function is to control the peak retardation of the photoelastic modulator optical head.

Where in the past, this was an analog circuit including an electronic head, the new PEM-200 is a digital control that sets the transducer vibration amplitude and thus the strain amplitude in the optical element. The new PEM-200 is improved over its predecessor by providing:

  • ♦ Improved 50/50 duty cycle
  • ♦ Simplified connection – dual SMA cables from optical head to controller
  • ♦ USB 2.0 communication
  • ♦ Low power requirement – 1.7W

Along with these improvements, the PEM-200 maintains the same polarization purity, stability and sensitivity. Also, old PEM optical heads can be used with the new controller (dual SMA coax required).


  • ♦ Rack mount
  • ♦ Ethernet communication
  • ♦ Special length cables

To learn more about the PEM, please visit PEM 200.