Mueller Polarimetry

The Mueller polarimeter is one of the two major types of polarimeters used in measuring polarization properties. While the Stokes polarimeter is usually referred to as a light-measuring instrument, the Mueller polarimeter can be viewed as a sample-measuring instrument. In a light polarization model, a sample can be represented by a 4×4 Mueller matrix. When all 16 elements of the Mueller matrix of a sample are determined, the polarimeter can be called a general Mueller polarimeter or a complete Mueller polarimeter. Otherwise, if all 16 elements are not addressed, it is called an incomplete Mueller polarimeter.

PEMs can be employed in Mueller polarimeters. For example, a light source, a polarizer (at 45 deg.) and a PEM at (0 deg.) will form a polarization generator; a second PEM (at -45 deg.) at a different modulating frequency, a second polarizer, or analyzer (at 90 deg.), and a photo-detector will form a polarization analyzer; a sample can be placed between the polarization generator and analyzer.

Such an instrument can simultaneously measure 9 of the 16 Mueller matrix elements of the sample. When the orientation of the polarizers and PEMs are varied, all 16 Mueller matrix elements of the sample can be measured.




Lock-in Amplifiers (Signaloc™ 2100)
Photodiode Detectors


Mueller Polarimeter

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