Thin Films

Polarized light created by reflection from thin film samples offers a way to gain insight into those films. The effect has led to the development of a number of thin film characterization techniques. Hinds Instruments’ polarization modulation techniques offer a way to improve precision and accuracy in these methods.


1. BIREFRINGENCE MEASUREMENT: For characterizing stress in thin films and stress generated by the application of thin films in transmission

– Exicor® Birefringence Measurement Systems
– PEMs

2. MOKE: For characterization of magnetic thin films including plotting hysteresis loops and determining coercivity in magnetic materials

– MOKE Kit: PEM, laser, photo detector, lock-in amplifier
– PEMs

3. PM-IRRAS: For characterization of thin films (often organic) on metal surfaces

– PEMs II/ZS50 & II/ZS37

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