Technology for Polarization Measurement

Silicon Photodetector and Germanium Photodetector

Hinds’ detection systems are specifically designed for use with high frequency optical signals including those generated in Photoelastic Modulator (PEM) applications.

Hinds’ detection features include:

Frequency response of DC to several times the operating frequency of the PEM being used, 400kHz - 1 MHz depending on the model

The DET-200 maintains a constant bandwidth throughout all gain settings

Gain Selection, 10 positions

The DET-200 exhibits a constant DC offset throughout all gain settings

Offset Voltage (all gain settings), < ± 5mV

Hi Z load from 0-10V and a 50Ω load from 0-5V

Power supply included

Optional standoffs for mounting a precision polarizer mount

  The DET-200 dimensions are 2” x 2” x 1” and have a #8-32 tapped hole for post mounting. The following detectors are suitable for signals in the 0.05mW to 5 mW range. For lower signal levels Hinds developed our avalanche diode photodetector, the APD-100.

DET-200 Specifications

Model Type Spectral Range (nm) Active Area Frequency Response NEP w/√Hz
002 Si-PC 350 - 1100 16 mm2 DC - 1 MHz  3.55e-12
004 Si-PV 350 - 1100 16 mm2 DC - 1 MHz  7.99e-12
006 Si-PV 200 - 1100 20 mm2 DC - 400 kHz  3.77e-11
007 Ge-PV 800 - 1600 3 mm2 DC - 1 MHz  1.17e-11
008 Ge-PV 800 - 1600 20 mm2 DC - 1 MHz  3.92e-11

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