Technology for Polarization Measurement


Thank you for visiting Hinds Instruments' website. Hinds offers a broad range of instrumentation for evaluating polarization and light. Our products are organized into 1) research components for bench top R&D or OEM applications and 2) integrated systems for specific industrial and research applications. Many of our systems have been recognized as industry ground-breaking achievements and have been awarded numerous R&D 100 Awards and Photonics Circle of Excellence awards.

Our Components and Systems are widely used by top researchers, National Labs, University and Industrial customers around the world. With a complete solution set to address demanding optical research and custom metrology development, Hinds Instruments products give users the tools they need.



Exicor Systems  -  MOKE Hysteresis Loop Tracer  -  Polarimeters

Photoelastic Modulators  -  Lock-In Amplifiers  -  Photodetectors

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