Hinds Instruments and NYU Develop 4-PEM Mueller Matrix Polarimeter

Hillsboro, Oregon, December 29, 2012 – Hinds Instruments, a leading global supplier of photoelastic modulators (PEMs), announced today a major product introduction involving Mueller matrix polarimetry. The new Exicor® 150XT 4-PEM Mueller Polarimeter provides simultaneous research-grade measurements for all sixteen Mueller matrix elements of a sample with no moving optical components. It significantly extends the polarization measurement capability of the Exicor family of birefringence measurement systems. This innovative technology was developed through a collaboration with the laboratory of Prof. Bart Kahr at New York University under an NSF-sponsored Grant Opportunity for Academic Liason with Industry (GOALI).

The polarization parameters of a sample, such as linear and circular retardation, linear and circular diattenuation and estimation for depolarization, are calculated from the measured Mueller matrix elements. The new 150XT Mueller Polarimeter employs four PEMs at fixed positions to achieve simultaneous measurements of the entire Mueller matrix, eliminating the need to take multiple measurements with optical components adjusted for different orientations. This accelerates measurement times and provides the polarization research community with an important new high precision measurement tool.

The 150XT Mueller Polarimeter can be used in research and development laboratory environments as well as in industrial applications such as measuring lithography reticles, DVD blanks, plastic films, lens blanks, laser crystals, cell phone display windows, injection molded parts and, in particular, special polarization optical components. Features include automatic determination of all polarization parameters and estimation of depolarization, automated XY stage for evaluating all polarization properties for samples up to 150mm x 150mm, 2D and 3D graphical representation of polarization parameters, bench top design, and flexible stage design for adding customer part holders. Advanced data analysis features are included standard in the user interface. The floor mount 450XT Mueller Polarimeter model will accommodate samples measuring up to 450mm x 450mm.

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