Hinds Instruments Announces New Pan-European Dealer

Munich, Germany, May 13, 2013 – Hinds Instruments, Inc., a leading supplier of optical polarization measurement technology, has named Acal/BFi its exclusive dealer and representative for all Hinds products in 16 countries across Western Europe.  The agreement was announced at the 2013 Laser World of Photonics in Munich and is effective immediately.

Hinds Instruments, Inc. is a world leader in developing and supplying polarization measurement technology for a broad range of applications. With 40+ years of polarization measurement experience, Hinds Instruments metrology solutions are proven tools for both R&D lab and production environments. Hinds’ family of products includes photoelastic modulators, SignalocTM Lock-in Amplifiers, DET-200 detectors, Stokes polarimeters, Mueller matrix polarimeters, Exicor® DomainTM MOKE measurement systems and Exicor® birefringence measurement systems. For more information, please contact Hinds Instruments.

Acal/BFi is Europe’s premier integrator and distributor of advanced technology solutions. With a network of dedicated salesforce and technical support teams in 16 offices across Europe, they are a valuable technical-commercial partner for customers addressing design, metrology and supply challenges over a diverse range of applications. Their deep technology orientation and scale of operation combine to provide significant value-add to users in R&D, industrial, infrastructure and defense organizations across Europe.  For more information, please contact Acal BFi.