Hinds introduces PolSNAP™, a compact, precise, inexpensive Stokes Polarimeter

Hillsboro, Oregon – Hinds Instruments announces a new compact, self-contained and lightweight Stokes Polarimeter with dynamic range over 6 orders of magnitude. Stokes vectors can be obtained for light levels as low as 6nW. The footprint for this device is a small cylinder: 79 mm in diameter and only 40 mm thick. All the drive and detection electronics, as well as the optics, are contained in one box. It acquires data rapidly: 2000 samples per second to yield four Stokes vectors per second. The spectral range for the PolSNAP is currently 450-700 nm, but other models for longer wavelengths will be released soon. The system is easy to set up and has intuitive software.

Hinds Instruments has over 40 years of experience in polarization measurement. The PolSNAP is the latest in a series of instruments from Hinds: The Polarimetry Experts.

Hinds Instruments, Inc. is the world leader in developing and supplying polarization modulation technology for a broad range of applications. With 40+ years of polarization modulation experience, Hinds Instruments PEM-based solutions are proven tools for laboratory and research applications. Hinds’ family of products includes modulators, Stokes polarimeters, Mueller matrix polarimeters, MOKE measurement systems and Exicor® birefringence measurement systems. For more information, please contact Hinds Instruments.