Technology for Polarization Measurement

Birefringence Measurement Technology

Hinds Instruments Birefringence Measurement technology has been adopted by industry leaders world wide to measure birefringence and characterize stress birefringence in materials with unsurpassed accuracy, resolution and repeatability. Capable of measuring optical retardation at 0.001nm resolution with noise floors as low as 0.005nm, these systems are robust, dynamic and scalable to fit the demanding requirements of your application. We provide measurement systems across the light spectrum (DUV, VIS and NIR) and are able to measure virtually all optical materials.

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Glass, Stress Birefringence, Display Components, Injection Molded Plastics, Drawn Fibers, Fiber Optics, Lithography Reticules, Lens Blanks, Lenses, Silicon Wafers, Minerals, Laser Crystals, Liquid Crystals, Birefringent Crystals and others.

White Paper - Residual Stress Birefringence in Optical Materials

Exicor® (Point and Scanning Birefringence Measurement Systems)

Exicor birefringence measurement systems are well-suited to Industrial and Academic Research, Quality Assurance, and Production (off line and on line) environments. This advanced technology, based on the Hinds Instruments Photoelastic Modulator (PEM), and recipient of three separate “R&D 100” awards, provides high speed measurement of optical retardation and fast axis orientation with excellent accuracy, resolution and repeatability!

Exicor® MicroImager™ (PEM-Based Polarization Imaging System)

Imaging of birefringence is a powerful tool for understanding complex spatial interactions in materials. The Exicor MicroImager can be customized to select specific measurement wavelengths, and offers quick and reliable measurements in an integrated system package.

Custom Configurations

The Exicor PEM Technology is offered in modular packages that are flexible and readily adaptable for integration into custom solutions. Large Format Stages, Multi-wavelength and Spectroscopic Measurements, High Speed Scanning package solutions, Low-Level and Multiple Order metrology, and Custom software are all available. We specialize in providing custom metrology. Let us know what you need!


We offer a wide variety of support accessories including Reference Samples, Custom Sample Holders, Tilt and Rotation Stages, Data Collection and Analysis Software, DLLs, Curved Surface and Lens Adapters, Thin Sample Support Stages, Index matching fluids and more.