2021 Global IC Shortage and Its Affects on Hinds PEM Production


To our valued customers,

Due to the global shortage of IC chips Hinds Instruments is unable to produce the PEM-200 controller until further notice. The PEM-200 controller uses 13 ICs and several of these ICs are unavailable due to this shortage. We are working diligently to source the ICs used in the PEM-200 controller. However, based on our supplier responses at this time, availability begins at the earliest in September 2021.

During this shortage, we will continue to accept purchase orders for PEMs using PEM-200 controller; however Hinds will manufacture the PEM using PEM100 electronics (PEM100 electronic head and PEM-100 controller). All orders using the PEM200 optical enclosure will continue to ship with the PEM200 optical enclosure. After the global IC shortage has been resolved, Hinds can reconfigure the PEM using the PEM200 electronics, for orders made using the PEM100 electronics instead of PEM200 electronics, at a discounted price.

Please feel free to contact Hinds with any questions or concerns.

Best regards,
Hinds Instruments, Inc

2021 Global IC Shortage
FAQ – Chips Shortage

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