Technology for Polarization Measurement

Exicor® HD Series

Above: Exicor® HD prototype

The Exicor® HD system is a newly designed heavy-duty sample measurement system based on Exicor's core low-level birefringence measurement technology and precision automated motion control elements. The Exicor HD is designed with an all steel base to support heavier samples. This brings the Exicor birefringence measurement system family to a new level of efficiency and improved robustness to accommodate even larger, heavier, and more numerous samples. The HD’s sample dimensions will start with the 400HD at 400mm x 400mm x 400mm(x,y,z) with a max sample weight of 250lbs/113kg and will end with the 2000HD at 2m x 2m x 500mm(x,y,z) with a max weight of 2,200lbs/1000kg. This new line of products makes the family of birefringence measurement systems more versatile than ever before.

The HD systems are also customizable to meet your every need. If your sample requires a vat for index matching fluid, we can customize it to accommodate for your vat. We can do custom wavelengths (VIS, NIR), as well as custom sample holders, and even provide custom software (UI or DLL).

Exicor Platform Motion Model Sample Dimensions
Nomenclature X/Y Z Max. Weight
HD Sample 400HD 400 x 400 400mm 250lbs / 113kg
HD Sample 600HD 600 x 600 600mm 500lbs / 225kg
HD Gantry 800HD 800 x 800 500mm 750lbs / 340kg
HD Gantry 1000HD 1m x 1m  500mm 1100lbs / 500kg
HD Gantry 1500HD 1.5m x 1.5m  500mm 1650lbs / 750kg
HD Gantry 2000HD 2m x 2m 500mm 2200lbs / 1000kg


Retardation Range: 0.005 to 300+ nm
Retardation Resolution / Repeatability1, 2: 0.001 nm / ± 0.015 nm
Angular Resolution / Repeatability1: 0.01º / ± 0.07º
Measurement Rate / Time3: up to 100 pps / sample size dependent
Light Source Wavelength4: Various (632.8 nm standard)
Measurement Spot Diameter5: Between 1mm & 3mm native (can be as low as <50 µm)
Modulation Technique: PEMLabsTM Photoelastic Modulator
Measurement Units: nm (retardation),º (angle)

1 Typical performance at 5 nm retardation

2 Up to 1.5 nm, 1% thereafter.

3 Maximum data collection speed.  Sample XY scan time dependent on stage movement parameters.

4 Custom wavelengths available

5 Measurement spot sizes of less than 1mm (native) require optional high resolution detector module

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