Technology for Polarization Measurement

Research Labs

Hinds Instruments’ Components products are designed for use in R&D labs and product development environments where modularity and flexibility are important. Typical installations involve set-ups on bench-tops and/or into instrument racks. These can include photoelastic modulator optical modules as well as supporting Hinds components for signal recovery, capture, conditioning and timing coordination.

We also offer standard and custom Solution Systems for specific research laboratory measurements. These can be floor- or bench-mounted and typically require a computer.

For more information on Hinds products appropriate for a typical Research Laboratory use environment, please select from the list below.  For further information, please contact us by phone (1-503-690-2000) or email and we will respond promptly.


Photoelastic Modulators
Lock-in Amplifiers
High Speed Optical Chopper
Delay Pulse Generators
Photo Detectors
Signal Conditioning
Specific Application Kits


Birefringence Measurement Systems
Birefringence Imaging Microscopes
Stokes Polarimeters
Mueller Polarimeters

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