Technology for Polarization Measurement


Hinds Instruments’ internal staff and many customers have spent 40 years developing techniques using the photoelastic modulator (PEM) technology. We specialize in understanding the science of polarization measurement and how to apply it in many situations. From measurement of the polarization of light beams to measurement of the polarizing effects of both solid and liquid materials, Hinds PEMs are crucial to many experimental techniques.

The following list includes links to descriptions and experimental set-ups for a number of PEM-based techniques. For more specific questions, please contact an application scientist at Hinds.

Select your Technique area:

Birefringence Measurement

Circular Birefringence, Flow Birefringence, Linear Birefringence, Stress Birefringence


Circular Dichroism, Magnetic Circular Dichroism, Vibrational Circular Dichroism, Linear Dichroism, Vibrational Linear Dichroism


Faraday Rotation

Fluorescence Measurement


Mueller Polarimetry

Optical Chopping

Optical Rotation


Polarization Scrambling

Reflection Difference/Anisotropy Spectroscopy


Scattering Media

Stokes Polarimetry

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